Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Boneyard Cleanup

Summer and Winter are typically shut down season for the industrial world. Winter is a slow time for focusing on surplus equipment parts that linger in boneyards and lay-down yards due to extreme weather in many places across the country. So with that being said, many places hold off until spring to clean up their boneyard. Others would like to enter the winter season ready for rest quite like bears do with hibernation. When you invest a little time into a fall boneyard clean up, you can enter the winter season without that lingering task awaiting around the corner in spring. Ease up the winter by focusing on the job at hand-keeping business running as usual. Most think of spring as cleaning season, when really it should be more of production season. There is a reason it's called "Spring Fever." We've been cooped up all winter, we are just itching to get outside. Don't waste time dealing with an unmanaged boneyard when you can do it in the fall.  Settle into winter with all your unwanted task completed and tied up with a bow. Doing a boneyard clean up in the fall is definitely like hibernation, you plan like a bear for an easy long winters rest with no worries or strife. Surplus Sales USA can tie your Boneyard Project up with a bow as a gift to you and your company for the winter season. Just think of us bringing you an early Christmas Present.

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